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The value of a precious gem is primarily determined by visual appearance which fall into four main categories dependant upon the precious stone. Diamonds for example are Brightness, Fire, Scintillation &Cut. Read all about diamonds and know what your buying on our diamond page.

While Clarity & Colour are the two most important elements of value for other precious stones like Ruby Sapphire, Emerald etc Clicking any of the gems below will give you a page of information and images to help you understand and know the best value when buying any jewellery with these precious stones in.

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Much has changed over recent years with precious gems. Negativity has cloaked earth mining of gems for decades such as blood diamonds, corruption and use to finance tribal wars or terrorism, not forgetting conditions of poorly treated workers And of more interest recently, the damaging impact on the environment that this type of earth mining causes where many tons of earth are dug just to find one small raw uncut gem! Even worse, in some cases high pressure water blasting is used which totally destroys the landscape.
However in the last decade, technology has come to the rescue with lab grown gems. These are grown from an actually piece of the real gem stone and have the exact cloned properties, look and feel of an earth mined stone and in every respect a genuine perfect precious gem stone, without any environmental damage.
So hardly surprising that even the wealthy and film/music stars are opting for man made diamonds and other gems. Jewellery is sold as with real and genuine gems because they are genuine and therefore commonly found in most jewellery. While earth mined gems are still sought after by some, man made are fast becoming the norm for a multitude of reasons.

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