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Welcome to the House of Vanci's exclusively designed 2020-2021 ring collection.
Each ring has been delicately hand designed to be unique and exclusive out of solid 18ct gold then individually hand molded and worked to a high standard of polish by our jewelsmiths. Every Diamond is expertly triple cut to size and highly polished before individually mounted in the ring. We use the highest quality diamonds that are naturally grade A clarity and colour with wonderful scintillation and fire to ensure your ring makes a glittering statement. To enhance the rings luster and shine, we plate our 18ct white gold rings with Rhodium. This not only adds a beautiful finish to the gold, it ensures the gold is protected from scratching as pure gold is soft while Rhodium is extremely hard. But most importantly it eliminates any allergy a wearer may have to white gold. Rhodium is the most valuable precious metal in the world, twice the price of gold but despite its price, its used on most higher valued white gold jewellery for all the above reasons.
All this ensures our customers of a unique and exclusively designed hand made diamond and gold ring of the highest quality.


Calendario diamond ringCalendario d'oro: At 4.5mm wide and weighing 4.3grams, this laser cut 18ct solid gold ring is set with 0.18cts of 12 stunning diamonds representing one for every month of the year. Beautifully inlaid with four 18ct white bands each one holding three matching diamonds. Elegant yet bold enough to be really noticed, the Golden Calendar is a truly wonderful work of art. Like many of our designs, the Golden Calendar uses a bolder status of gold giving it a statement of refined quality. £1220.00
Golden Calendar Vanci ring12 diamond 14ct gold ringYellow and white gold diamond ring
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Tessere diamond ring animation Tessere: Two weave rhodium white gold rows set in a weave shaped yellow gold ring containing no fewer than 27 scintillating diamonds! Each diamond is individually sized to achieve the gradually large to small effect needed to look uniquely stunning. With 0.74cts of diamonds and 5.6grams of 18ct gold this 6mm wide diamond ring makes the ultimate statement of design, beauty and expense. £1324.00
Tessere diamond ring Tessere 14ct diamond ringTessere 14ct yellow gold diamond ring
Intreccio diamond ring animation Intreccio: Entwining rows of diamonds set in a uniquely shaped 18ct gold ring. Inspired by the thought of eternal entwining love, our jewelsmith excelled himself in creating this beautiful diamond ring that shouts individual uniqueness. The superbly engineered shape of the yellow gold is enhanced by two entwined rows of 31 proportionately sized diamonds of 0.66cts giving a truly amazing effect. 7.3mm at widest point and weighing 4grams. £1290.00
Intreccio diamond ringIntreccio 14ct gold ringIntreccio 14ct gold diamond ring
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Piegato diamond ring Piegato: Beautiful folds of white gold inset with 0.35cts of ten glistening diamonds. The symbolic idea for this design was to create two folds of love joined side by side and ideal for a diamond wedding ring or gesture of love. The result therefore features gentle rolled folding's that create a twin ring look that while simple has a unique and unusual design. The main ring band is a wide 7mm and weight approx 6.8grams. £1390.00
Piegato white gold ringPiegato white gold diamond ringPiegato diamond ring
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Eterna diamond ring animation Eterna: Our jewelsmith wished to design a ring that was modern abstract and represent the eternal love of two people conjoining as one. Eterna is the result. Absolutely stunning design embellished with seventeen diamonds deep set in rose gold to contrast with the white of the gold band. A beautiful 21st century design that's sure to impress. 17 diamonds weighing .50 cts in 5.4grams 18ct gold. £1690.00
Eterna abstract diamond ringEterna white gold ringEterna diamond white gold ring
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Aureola diamond ring animation Aureola: The design concept was a halo crown ring with harmoniously curved contours inset with diamonds and 'Aureola' was born. Seventeen diamonds set in a delicate halo twist of rhodium plated 18ct gold give this diamond ring a unique style and beauty. Weighing 4.4grams with 0.43cts of diamond in 6.7mm at widest point band. £1590.00
Aureola diamond studded ringAureola white gold diamond ringAureola 14ct gold diamond ring
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Eternita diamond ring animated Eternita: A design twist to the conventional eternity ring, this beautiful gold ring is set with a top mounted 4.3mm diamond with nine inset diamonds each side gradually sized down with eight 1.4mm, six 1.3mm and four 1.2mm diamonds. The eighteen side diamonds are deeply inset into rose gold, giving this diamond ring a very unique look of individual elegance. 0.5 carat of diamonds set in a 6.8mm width 18ct gold ring weighing nearly 5grams make our 'Eternita' diamond ring a statement of eternal beauty. £1690.00
Eternita white and rose gold diamond ringWhite gold eternity diamond ringEternita diamond eternity ring
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Egiziana diamond ring animation Egiziana: Egyptian styled symbols of success and love were the jewelsmiths inspirations of the unique design and carvings in this solid 18ct gold ring. With twenty 1.4mm diamonds on the outer rim, diamond cut bezel of the opposite rim and linear waves around the middle, make this very exclusive designed ring subtle with highlights of boldness. Containing twenty diamonds total 0.25cts, the ring band is 6.8mm wide and weighs 4.2grams £1570.00
Egiziana symbol diamond ringEgiziana white gold ringEgiziana diamond ring 14ct gold
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Onda d'amore Diamond Ring Animation Onda d'amore: Waves of love are represented in the design of this 18ct gold ring. Our jewelsmith looked to make a ring that while simplistic, embodied an exclusive design of beautiful looks and quality. The waves which surround half the rings circumference are inset with 21 glittering diamonds. Wave tops are set with four 1.4mm diamonds and seventeen 1.5mm diamonds making 0.31 carats of diamonds. The 18k gold ring is 5mm wide and weighs 3.9grams. £1540.00
Onda d'amore white gold and diamond ringOnda d'amore diamond ringOnda d'amore white gold diamond ring
NOTE: While prices are fixed on the diamond rings shown here, future prices are dependant on gold's ever increasing price & other factors and will be higher. Each ring is individually hand made to order in the size required. As each diamond ring is individually hand made, weights given may vary slightly depending upon size required, design intricacy and jewellers work in cutting. Normal delivery time is from 10 to 28 days from date of order dependant on back orders.All our jewellery is solid certified pure 18ct gold. All diamonds are individually chosen and matched to be VS or better clarity, D to J color and of the finest cut with great fire and scintillation.
How Vanci Collection rings are made:
The jewelsmith first designs a ring using 3D rotating imagery creation and editing software. Once satisfied, the image is then passed to a 3D laser printer which creates an identical ring out of resin. Sometimes this process is completed several times before a resin ring matches every tiny detail.
The resin ring is now placed in a specially prepared clay compound and a mould is obtained into which a measured amount of molten gold is poured while being vibrated to release any tiny pockets of air. Once set though still very hot, the newly made gold ring is extracted and immediately dipped in cold water. This process ensure the gold is soft enough to easily work on.
Although identical to the original design, the jewelsmith then uses a range of extremely fine tooling, hand rubbing and machine buffing to ensure even the finest detail is perfect. Depending on the complexity of the design, this can take from a few hours to a whole day and even longer for very specialised and intricate designs.
The ring is then heated again to soft red colour and allowed to cool at room temperature. This hardens and strengthens the gold against scratching as gold is a naturally soft metal, especially the higher purity 18ct and higher.
The next step is plating in Rhodium if using white gold and the delicate work of setting the diamonds or other precious gems.
A unique feature in many of our rings is that where many diamonds are used, we taper off the size of the diamonds to match the ring design, rather than just a load of diamonds all one size.
This requires considerably more skills and is obviously time consuming as each stone must be exactly measured and matched to each other when setting in the ring. The final result though is well worth it.
The completed diamond ring then has an inspection along with any fine details attended to and given a final polish before placing in its box.

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